Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy is a mandatory part of the user agreement in force at By creating an account on our website, the player automatically agrees to the storage and handling of cookies. They are not used for the purpose of launching phishing scams or infecting software with viruses. Their processing is necessary in order to obtain certain data about the user, in particular the IP address, the URL of the website from which you are navigating to the platform. 

They are used to identify potentially dangerous accesses to the gaming platform and to analyse the sources of traffic.

What are these cookies?

Cookies are files that are placed on users’ devices by websites when they browse an internet portal. They perform a wide range of functions: they store preferences for individual commands, collect statistics, provide access to technical functions and store data about the habits of the user.

Cookies are stored on the device to improve the navigation through the platform’s pages. They do not contain third-party links that give access to personal information. You can set your browser to ignore requests to set these cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We use only the most important types of cookies to ensure users have uninterrupted access to the platform’s resources, to enable them to use personalised features. All this is to improve the service, to determine the effectiveness of use of the web pages, to optimise the interface.

What Types Of Cookies Are Available?

We collect different types of cookies in order to provide full access to the gaming platform:

Analytical. Collected to track information relating to usage patterns of the site. Sometimes used to test services, advertising, website functionality, or to gauge reaction to new Stake products and services.

  • Mandatory. Used to authenticate players, prevent fraud and unauthorized access to their accounts.
  • Technical. Allows you to navigate the website and use various functions and services. They are used to monitor data transfer, remember individual order elements, identify the session, process requests for promotions and bonus programs, exchange information via social networks.
  • Preference cookies. Cookies are needed to remember the interface language and functionality choices.

How to manage cookies?

If desired, the user can limit the use of cookies by changing the settings of the web browser. However, if they do so, they will not be able to save their preferences, use certain services and options, and some pages of the website will not display properly. Here are some links to advice on how to disable cookies in your web browser:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

What does the above information mean?

By accepting our cookies policy you authorise us to improve the website, enhance services, optimise access to individual services and options and provide you with a personalised service. To protect yourself you can set your browser so that only trusted online platforms can manage your cookies.

When we talk about our policy, we want to demonstrate that we are responsible for complying with laws on the storage, use and processing of personal data. We deliberately publish information about the types of files and how they are handled to ensure transparency about the information when you navigate from your PC or smartphone to